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LightningRing Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LightningRing?
    • LightningRing is a brand new international web directory that contains weather related websites with personal lightning detectors and software.
    • It allows you to submit your website to be listed, rated, and viewed by geographical location.
    • Unlike other lightning related sites, LightningRing does not care where you are located, or what type of hardware/software you use. The only limitation is that you upload local lightning data on your web page.
    • Also unlike other weather related top sites, LightningRing also contains a google map that plots all known personal lightning detectors, with links in the information windows.

  • How does it work?
    • Once you put the Button Code (provided when you join, or can be viewed using the control panel) on your site, a counter at LightningRing is incremented when it's clicked.
    • Everytime someone clicks the LightningRing Button on your website, they actually Vote for your site!
    • Visitors to LightningRing can then view the listings and rate and review your website.
    • The more people that "vote" for your site, the higher your daily ranking. Your average ranking is taken on the average number of votes per week.

  • How long does it take for my website to show up in the list?
    • Immediately! Website submissions are approved automatically, and I receive an email to verify the submitted site contains lightning related content.
    • If it does not contain lightning related content, it will be removed.

  • Does it also automatically put my location on the Google Map?
    • Not at this time - I have to do that manually.
    • Click on the link right above the Google Map and fill out the on-line form to get your station added to the map.

  • Do I need the Button Code?
    • Yes! In order for LightningRing to be able to rank your site and track hits you must install the button code on your website. It looks like the button below:

  • Where should I put the code?
    • Your homepage is probably the best choice, however if your visitors arrive at another page via a bookmark or favorites link their visit won't register.
    • The best solution is to put the Button Code on an element that appears on every page, such as a border or frame.
    • As an alternative you can put it manually on every page in your site to maximize your hit count.

  • When do the daily stats reset?
    • LightningRing resets daily page views at midnight Pacific Time.

  • What type and how big can my Banner URL image be?
    • You can use any weather or lightning related banner/sticker you want - provided it is not bigger than 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.
    • If you would like to use a banner for the lightning detection software you use, you can cut and past the following URL in the banner URL:
      • For NexStorm use: http://www.lightningring.com/nxonline.gif
      • For Aninoquisi use: http://www.lightningring.com/aninoquisi.jpg
      • For SuperCell use: http://www.lightningring.com/supercell.gif
      • For Boltek use: http://www.lightningring.com/stormtrackersoftware.gif
      • If you use a different software let me know and I will add an image

  • Where do I find my button code?
    • Your unique Button Code is sent to you at the time of registration, and can be retrieved at any later date in the Control Panel

  • Why is my ranking at Zero?
    • If your ranking is a zero, the most common problem is because your code is not correctly inserted on your website pages.
    • Check your unique code in the user control panel. Alternatively, it is because you have not yet received a unique vote for that week.

  • What does it cost?
    • The listing service is free.

  • Why wont the registration process accept my banner URL?
    • Usually because the banner size is bigger than 500X100 pixels.
    • If you want to display your banner, please make sure its within these limits.

  • Why can't I get to my Control Panel?
    • If you have problems getting to the Control Panel, hold down the "shift" key when you click the link and this will open it in a new window.

  • Why does it take so long to load?
    • The google map reloads everytime you make a selection (sorry - but that is the way it works).

  • What if I have trouble registering, or a question, or need help?

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